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Volume Control Damper.. 



  • Mina El Agaiby (V.C.D).


  • For use as an air flow control damper in ventilating & air condition systems.
  • The damper blade consist of rolled aerofoil section and are of opposed blad configuration actuated by a single external drive arm.
  • Material: Frame & blades anodaised aluminum profiles Bearings from a special plastic material (Pocan) temperature resistant up to 110 C.
  • Opposed blade action.
  • Blade position can be identified externally by the position of the slot in the external drive shaft.
  • Blades coupled inside damper frame by meching aluminum cogs mounted at one end of each blade.
  • Blade pitch 100 mm. Case depth 120 mm.
  • Dimension (S) gives position of drive arm (see table of standard Sizes).
  • Drive arm can be locking at any angle with optional Hand Locking Quadrant (H.L.Q.).
  • When ordering specification of left or right - hand deive is not necessary.

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