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Perforated Diffusers..



  • Mina El Agaiby (P.C.D).

Square Perforated Diffusers (S & R) Type Mina El Agaiby (P.C.S).

For Ceiling Installations
  • The versatile (P.C.S) model perforated ceiling diffusers are recommended for volume systems. The removable perforated faces blend with any ceiling. All models are adjustable or available in 4,3,2 or 1 -way horizontal air diffusion patterns to fit the requirements of an irregularly shaped ceiling.
  • Fixed circular deflector mounted on the face provides a full 360o horizontal air distribution pattern. Optional baffles are available to create 3,2, or 1 -way corner and field adjustable patterns. 
  • Removable faces, available in a flush or drop style, provide easy access for cleaning, maintenance, and pattern adjustment without disturbing the ceiling.
  • Complete pattern flexibility available in three deflector styles all can be configured in 4,3,2 or 1-way horizontal air diffusion. Two are adjustable. The other has directional baffles available.
  • Five margin styles to fit the most common ceilings: T-Bar (Exposed Grid). Surface (Flush). Concealed Grid (Spline), Snap in (Metal Pan), and Donn Fineline.
  • Integral Square or round collar. No transitions needed.
  • Full 2 inch high plenums improve air distribution and reduce pressure loss. Corners are mechanically sealed and fastened, and include seismic safety suspension connections.
  • Optional bufferfly damper volume control available. 
  • Diffusers and deflectors are finished to minimize pattern deflector visibility.
  • M- models have a white face with black backs and deflectors.
  • Matching M model return available.

Rectangle Perforated Diffusers (S & R) Type Mina El Agaiby (P.C.R).

For Ceiling Installation
  • Series Supply Diffusers are designed for installation in architrtural ceilings requiring a perforated removable face air distribution device with pattern flexibility. The curved blade pattern control core is available in 1,2,3 or 4 -way horizontal deflections providing directional air diffusion on irregularly shaped ceilings. For spot heating or cooling the Series Supply Diffusers can be adjusted to a vertical discnarge, they are recommended for heating. cooling and ventilating applications in constant and variable volume systems. The horizontal performance of the pattern control cores ensure confident use of cooling differentials up to 20 F with air loadings of 1 to 3 cfm per square foot or 6 to 18 air changes per hour (based on 10 ft. ceiling heights).
    The matching Series return models are applicable to ducted and non-ducted returns.
  • 1,2,3 or 4-way curved blade pattern control cores provide a horizontal pattern compatible with any ceiling configuration. All cores can be adjusted a vertical pattern for spot heating or cooling.
  • Matching returns available for a continuity of appearance on ducted or non-ducted installations.
  • Easy opening removable face with concealed latches and hinges allows access or cleaning, maintenance, pattern adjustment and to accessories.
  • Two margin styles available for the common ceiling types. An exposed margin for surface mounting on hard ceiling and a margin for exposed grid T-Bar ceilings.
  • 9 neck sized in combination with 60 face sizes fulfill any application requirements.
  • Squire to round transitions are available for connecting round duct.
  • White baked enamel finish. For optional satin anodized finish contact factory.
  • Dampers
  • Square to Round Transition
  • Control Grids

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