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Linear Slot Diffusers.. 



  Slot Diffuser Type ALS:   


  • The Type ALS Slot Diffuser is available with 1 - 6 slots. The diffuser face is attractively designed with extruded aluminum sections. The ALS can be used in rooms with heights from approximately 2.60m to 4.00m for supply or extract air. Maximum recommended supply air temperature differential is 10K. The slot diffuser provides a stable discharge and can be used for constant or variable volume air flows.

    Airflow rate control is provided by an integral flow straightener and hit and miss damper adjustable from the diffuser face. In the supply mode the discharge can either be set to horizontal or vertical directions by adjustment of the air deflection blades. For stable horizontal discharge a continuous flat ceiling is normally required.

Type ALS-DS-1

Type ALS-DS2-2...-6



  • Type ALS-DS:
    Supply Slot diffuser with integral air straightener and hit miss volume control damper (2) and complete with air deflection blades (1). The damper is adjustable from the diffuser face to min 25% setting.
  • Type ALS-NA:
    Non-active section as type ALS-S but with a blanking plate replacing the volume control.
  • Type ALS-S:
    Extract slot diffuser with hit and miss volume control damper (2) only no air deflection blades. The damper is adjustable from the diffuser face.

  Slot Diffuser Type DLD-C: Top  


  • Mina L/SD Linear Slot Diffusers. Is designed to give unobtrusive constructions air diffusion with a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

    Hair line joints ensure clean continuous runs of Linear Diffuser for active and dummy sections. As well as it is light weighted and so designed for quick and easy installation.


  • Diffuser is designed to give a comprehensive range of airflow patterns and volumes by using deflector blades & volume control dampers. It is fully adjustable from the face of the diffuser. To any horizontal. Vertical or any international setting of airflow pattern.

    Maximum one-piece length 300 cm (10 ft). Over 300 cm length. Sections will be connected by using alignment strips.
    Standard 1 through 8 slots with 19 mm (3/4) slot opening.
    End caps on both sides supplied on one piece linear diffuser and on one side of end sections of continuous units.


END CAP (Straight cut)



  • Mitered corners to any angles, are available. Linear Diffusers can be supplied with mounting Brackets, Blank-off sheets for dummy sections or Alignment strips, upon request.

Plenum Boxes:

  • It is designed to ensure even air distribution. Along the associate Linear Diffusers, and therefore maintaining correct performance characteristics. Plenum Boxes are available with or without internal lining for thermal and acoustic Insulation and are available for single or continuous installations. Maximum one-piece length is 240cm. (96). All joints are sealed for air tightness and in most cases are "Lock formed" , which adds to maintain rigidity.

Material and Finish:

  • High quality natural anodized extruded aluminum in silver matt finish standard available. White oven back finish or any other specified color is available on request. Deflector blades will be provided in matt black finish with anodized finish, and white color with painted units if nothing specified. Plenum Boxes are made from galvanized steel.


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