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Gravity Shutter..


Product Description:

A horizontal operable shutter which operate to equalize the pressure across it.

The frame and blades are constructed of extruded aluminum alloy with an anodized satin finish. The frame has a typical wall thickness of 1\16" and is separated from the movable blades by an extruded rigid PVC track which is riveted to and becomes I integral part of the frame. A 1\8" thick, 3\8 wide foam tape is installed on the blades where they overlap to insure a good seal and to reduce noise.

Each shutter is carefully designed and positioned in such a way that if the pressure in the room increases the blades automatically lift and open relieving the pressure in the room. When the room pressure is normalized the blades drop to the closed position by gravity.

These devices are also employed at the end of exhaust ducts where they would open when the fan was turned off.

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