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Supply Grills And Registers Single Deflection..



  • Mina El Agaiby (S.G.)Sin.D.


  • Mina El Agaiby  (S.G.) Sin.D. are designed to suit HVAC applications where a high side wall or exposed duct is required, they are also used for adjusting air flow patterns of air conditioned spaces and yet with an architectural appearance and curved-back frames.


  • Mina El Agaiby  (S.G.) C/W.D. are multi parallel and adjustable blade type with aerotoil sections of blades which allow a smooth and uniform airform airflow pattern for quiet and low pressure drop applications. Adjustable horizontal, or vertical blades can be supplied to control the airflow pattern in either the horizontal or vertical planes. The frame to eliminate rattling and to provide positive tension when adjusting the blades. Optional subframe can be supplied for concealed fixing method. Rigid corner fasteners assure a solid construction. Registers are provided with OBD with face projected lever for adjustment from the face of Register without any special tools.

Material & Finish:

  • High Quality 1.9 mm thick extruded aluminum in matt silver anodized finish for blades & frame, Nylon is bushungs. White oven baked finish is also available or any other specified colour to your requirement. Gasket provided when specified as optional. Dampers of extruded aluminum construction.

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