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Fire Damper.. 



  • Mina El Agaiby (S.F.D.)V.


  • Vertical Shutter Fire Damper For Horizontal Duct.
  • FUSIBLE LINKS (DURO DYNE _ U.L.) U.S.A. Hardware - temperature range 74 oC- & 30 Ib. Load.
  • Material: Galvanised Steel (Frame & Blades).
  • Positive shutter action.

Positive Shutter Operation:

  • The F. Damper provides a fast acting. Positive barrier against the spread of fire through ducts.
    The F. Damper blades which are riveted to the top of the frame and securely locked to the bottom also form a shield to retard the spread to retard the spread of smoke.


  • Fire in buildings-an ever growing hazard that claims more lives and inllicts greater material loss every year-becomes potentially more lethal as building sizes increase.
    Flames and hot gases from a fire can be transmitted through air conditioning and ventilation ducts from one part of a building to another.


  •  In multi-compartment buildings ventilation ducts pass through fire compartment walls and floors. To preserve the integrity of fire separation at these points the ducts need to be provided with an automatic means of closure.

Type Mina El Agaiby (S.F.D.) V.:

  •  Of the various methods used to close ducts the F. Damper shutter type fire damper is more efficient costs less and is simpler to install than single or multi-blade conventional units.

    The F- Damper is a high quality engineering product with many features that contribute to long - life security against the spread of fire through ducts.

Fusible Link:

  • All Fusible Links classified by Underwriter's Laboratories Inc. and Factory mutual Laboratories.


  • The Blades of the F. Damper are held in the open position by a fusible link. As soon a duct air temperature reaches the melting point of the link - normally 74oC - the spring tensioned blades clamp shut to form an impenetrable fire barrier.

    In structures presenting high or special life hazards 0 such as hospitals, institutions and hotels - smoke detectors can be linked to the F. Damper to provide protection against the spread of smoke.


  1. Galvanised steel frame.
  2. Top blade riveted to frame.
  3. Easily replaceable fusible link.
  4. Stainless steel closing spring.
  5. Catchpletes ensure positive locking of blade in closed position.
  6. Interlocking steel blades with closure angle to provide easy re-set to open position after test. Available in galvanized or stainless steel construction.

Product Range:

  • Multiple Sections and staged units
    All multiple sections are bolted together through the damper flanges.
    On the type HR additional sealing channels are required between the damper duct spigots.
    For special requirements dampers mounted in series can be supplied. These should be bolted into a common sleeve within the wall opening.
    When installing HR, HC and HO units in series additional sealing has to be provided where the spigots butt together.

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